Did some math

Since I started working as a delivery driver to Richmonds rich area, I mean Glen Allen, I’ve noticed my bank account happily take in more than $100 in 3 days. So I did some math: took what I earned in tips ($120), divided that by three ($40 on an average night and tonight was bad lol) and then added my wage ($5.25 /hr for 3.75 hrs + $7.25/hr for .75 hrs) which comes out to around $16.28 an hour. Which had me thinking… Where do I stand in terms with the rest of America? Well $16.28 an hour for forty hours (if I actually worked that much, I’m just using forty to compare to everyone else) for 50 weeks is $32,565 a year. As a college student, Apparently I make more than most blue collar workers but less than most white collar workers. It makes me the upper working class. The top 60% or bottom 40% however u wanna look at it. What I think? What the fuck? I making more money than actual people with actual jobs do? Hey, I’m not one for trickle down economics. Giving them thousands of dollars in tax breaks wont make my tip go up. But… We can make sure they still are rich right?